Elia Mirror for Living Room (2 size)


MDF frame / available in all frame color
6mm thick mirror
1-year guaranty
All our mirrors are made to order custom sizes available on request
Free delivery and installation 7 days from receipt of order
All our products replacement within 48 hours


180 x 80
200 x 100
Timeless Elegance or Exclusive Luxury: Your Color Choice, Your Style.
Dark Brown
Light Brown
Dark Grey
Light Grey
Dark Green
Dark Gold
Light Gold
Grand total

Elia Mirror is a one-of-a-kind mirror that has a non-geometric shape and an MDF frame. Living Room Mirror has a modern and sleek appearance that brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space. You can place this mirror in your living room or entryway to create an eye-catching accent piece. Additionally, you can choose the color that best suits your personal style for the frame.

Are you searching for a modern and elegant wall mirror to accentuate the decor of your living space? Look no further than the Asymmetrical Elia Mirror. This mirror boasts a simple yet timeless design with a distinctive shaped mirror and a sophisticated MDF frame.

Our collection of irregular wall mirrors boasts a unique and charming appearance that exudes elegance and creativity. You can use them to add a modern and artistic touch to your living room, bedroom, or bathroom. Additionally, they make for a wonderful gift option for occasions such as housewarming, birthdays, and holidays.

About this item

  • Inspired by minimalism, monochromatic tones and bold, angular structures offer effortless luxury.Safe and environmentally friendly
  • Designed with an irregular wave-shaped frame, it is particularly eye-catching and highlights the beauty of the mirror.
  • High-quality material: The mirror surface is made of premium glass to ensure a crystal clear reflection for daily grooming tasks.
  • Shipping and installation of customized mirrors in the UAE are free.
  • 1-year guaranty
  • All products replacement within 48 hours

Buying Elia Mirror in Dubai

Asymmetrical mirrors are characterized by their mirrored accents with uneven curves and shapes. They add a unique character to any style and home decor, making them a great choice for those looking to add a little more interest to their living space. Moreover, their versatility allows them to be placed anywhere, making them ideal for any room in the house.

Whether you need a small mirror for a side table or a larger one to lean against the wall, asymmetrical mirrors offer a modern and interesting alternative to the usual circular and square versions. Due to their unique shape, they can be styled in various ways, making them highly adaptable to any interior design.

Mirror Museum has examined everything you need to choose the most suitable mirror that matches your home decor and has designed and produced the highest quality mirrors according to global and fashionable standards.


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