Kian Mirror for Bedroom (2 size)

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MDF frame / available in all frame color
6mm thick mirror
1-year guaranty
All our mirrors are made to order custom sizes available on request
Free delivery and installation 7 days from receipt of order
All our products replacement within 48 hours


180 x 80
200 x 100
Timeless Elegance or Exclusive Luxury: Your Color Choice, Your Style.
Dark Brown
Light Brown
Dark Grey
Light Grey
Dark Green
Light Gold
Dark Gold
Grand total

Kian Mirror is a modern and Bedroom Mirror that features a distinct and captivating shape with a wavy rectangular frame. The mirror is bordered with MDF and has 6mm-thick glass, making it long-lasting and durable against wear and tear. You have the flexibility to either hang the mirror on the wall or prop it up against it, which can instantly enhance any room with a sophisticated and charming vibe. Moreover, you can personalize the wooden frame’s color as per your decor’s theme.

If you’re planning to renovate your living space, you might want to consider this mirror as an excellent option. It boasts a professional 3D floating design that creates an illusion of the glass floating in the center of the frame, which adds depth and dimension to the mirror. This quality makes it an ideal choice for any room in your house, be it your bedroom, living room, entryway, dining room, or bathroom.

About this item

  • Kian Mirror is made of high-quality materials including 6mm thick glass and moisture-proof MDF frame.
  • Eye-catching Design: The full-length mirror has an upscale look due to its irregular MDF frame with wavy shapes.
  • Multifunctional: The full-length mirror can be tilted to the wall or hung vertically.
  • Available in 2 sizes with different colors.
  • An Artistic Decor Mirror: An artistic, wavy rectangle design that is both modern and sophisticated, creating a stunning display on any wall in your home
  • After-sale Service: The package of the mirror is solid enough with Free Delivery and Installation. In addition, all products are included 1-year guaranty
  • All products replacement within 48 hours

Buying Kian Mirror in Dubai

Choosing the Kian Mirror for your wall can be a challenging task, whether you’re looking for one to boost the decor of your living room or a large one to create an illusion of spaciousness. To make the best decision, you need to consider the mirror’s size, design, and how well it blends with your surroundings. Weighing these factors is crucial to finding the ideal option that caters to your needs, fits your space, and matches your style. If you’re in search of a hassle-free way to select a mirror, The Mirror Museum is a great option. They also offer a professional consultation service if you require further assistance

2 reviews for Kian Mirror for Bedroom (2 size)

  1. Hosein Boroumand

    It was the best possible choice. thank you

  2. Hosein Boroumand

    I got it very soon. The quality of this mirror was amazing

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