Soho mirror for Home Office (6 size)


🟢 special Discount: Sizes 180 x 80, 200 x 100

6mm thick mirror
1-year guaranty
All our mirrors are made to order custom sizes available on request
Free delivery and installation 7 days from receipt of order
All our products replacement within 48 hours


180 x 80
200 x 100
220 x 120
220 x 140
230 x 155
250 x 150

Dhs. 800.00 Dhs. 1.070.00

Dhs. 900.00 Dhs. 1.120.00

Grand total

Soho Mirror is a unique type of Frameless Mirror that features a frameless design with a non-geometric shape. This sleek and modern mirror adds elegance and sophistication to any room it’s placed in. The absence of a frame gives the mirror a bigger appearance than a framed mirror, making it an ideal choice for creating an illusion of a larger space. This design is particularly useful for smaller houses, where it can make a significant impact on the overall look and feel of the room.

The Soho Mirror boasts a timeless and minimalist design with clean lines, making it the standout feature of the product. The mirror has a thickness of 6mm, which provides high resistance and durability. It is perfect for those who want to create an interior that will never go out of style with the trend cycle. Frameless mirrors have a simple design, which means they do not need to be replaced after a few years. It is perfect for those who want to create an interior that won’t go out of style with the trend cycle. As frameless mirrors are simple in design, there is no need to replace them after a few years. Additionally, if your goal isn’t to create a timeless interior, the frameless Soho Mirror can still easily fit into your current home decor. Depending on how you style it, the Soho Mirror can complement just about any style.

About this item

  • The frameless mirror is a modern and versatile option for using reflective surfaces to enhance the look of a space.
  • Suitable Scene: This wall mirror can be used in various settings, such as a fireplace mantel, dresser mirror, entry mirror, wall decor, or hallway mirror.
  • The mirror is made of high-quality 6mm thick polished glass, ensuring a crystal clear reflection that is not distorted or discolored.
  • Shipping and installation of customized mirrors in the UAE are free.
  • 1-year guaranty
  • All products replacement within 48 hours

Buying Soho Mirror in Dubai

Soho Mirrors are often seen as a symbol of purity and honesty. They play an important role in decoration by reflecting the energy of the surrounding space. The light reflected by mirrors also brightens up the room, making it appear larger and more open. As a result, mirrors are a great addition to any home decor and can help create a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere.

Decorative mirrors are now produced in various sizes and styles, making them a popular addition to homes. You can use framed, frameless, square, or circular mirrors to decorate your living room or reception area and beautify the walls.

The Mirror Museum offers a wide selection of high-quality mirrors at reasonable prices, catering to unique preferences and styles to complement any decor.


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