Xka Mirror for Living Room (5 size)


METAL frame / available in all frame color
6mm thick mirror
1-year guaranty
All our mirrors are made to order custom sizes available on request
Free delivery and installation 7 days from receipt of order
All our products replacement within 48 hours


180 x 80
200 x 100
220 x 120
220 x 140
250 x 150
Special Colors
Timeless Elegance or Exclusive Luxury: Your Color Choice, Your Style.
Dark Brown
Light Brown
Dark Grey
Light Grey
Dark Green
Antique Brass
Antique Silver
Light Gold
Antique Copper
Dark Gold
Grand total

Xka Mirror is a type of Metal Frame Mirror that is an excellent option for modern design as provides a sense of symmetry and balance. Its elongated shape also creates an illusion of a larger and more spacious room. Similarly, it works perfectly in any other room as it helps to create an inviting and warm atmosphere. You can customize and change the color of the metal frame of the mirror as per your preference.

If you’re searching for a simple and modern way to decorate your living room or any other space, then a rectangular mirror is an excellent choice. The minimalistic style of a rectangle mirror, with its clean and precise shapes, perfectly complements the linear design. This furnishing solution adds an elegant touch to any space, where the decor’s simplicity and subtlety are enhanced by an accessory with a precise geometric design.

About this item

  • Xka Mirror is designed with high-quality metal and 6mm thick glass materials, ensuring robustness and versatility for any setting, including bathrooms, bedrooms, and hallways.
  • The mirror frame is made of sturdy metal, which is not easy to deform and more durable.
  • Our mirrors are crafted from premium tempered glass, renowned for its exceptional durability and resistance to breakage.
  • After-sale Service: The package of the mirror is solid enough with Free Delivery and Installation. In addition, all products are included 1-year guaranty
  • All products replacement within 48 hours

Buying Xka Mirror in Dubai

Mirrors have the unique ability to instantly transform the ambiance of a room. By placing large mirrors in strategic locations, they can reflect natural light and make the space appear brighter and more inviting. Moreover, mirrors can be used to give the illusion of more space in a cramped area. Even small mirrors can be incorporated as stylish accents to enhance the overall aesthetics of the room. Needless to say, mirrors play a crucial role in one’s daily routine.

Finding the perfect mirror for your living room can be difficult. Whether you’re looking for a mirror to enhance your decor or make your space feel more spacious, there are a few factors to consider. You should take into account the mirror’s size, design, and how well it complements your living room. It’s essential to weigh all of these factors before making a decision to ensure that you find a mirror that meets your needs, fits your space, and complements your style. At The Mirror Museum, they provide a hassle-free way to select a mirror, and if needed, they also offer a professional consultation service.


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